A number of years ago, I was introduced to Brian Moran and the concept of a 12 Week Year. In brief, Brian describes a simple but very effective system of goal-setting and execution—the name comes from the fact that it allows you to achieve a year’s worth of accomplishments in just twelve weeks.

I’ve loved applying the concepts in this system and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to improve all aspects of their life.

One of the most powerful exercises in Brian’s book, The 12 Week Year, requires you to mentally go to a place that stirs emotion and deep reflection. This is done by asking oneself some thought-provoking and somewhat difficult questions. It’s best to ask these questions in an environment that is quiet and that will invite inspiration. You may even consider listening to music that will help you to be completely open and honest with yourself.

Are you ready?! Let’s take this journey.

I’d like to invite you to imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable chair on the front porch of a cabin overlooking a lake. It’s a warm summer evening, with the red sky reflecting on the water. In the distance you can hear birds singing and the laughter of children. You notice that there is a gentle breeze coming off the lake.

You are in the twilight of your life and you are now taking a moment to reflect back over your life’s journey and are asking yourself some very real questions. You start by reflecting on your professional efforts during your working years.

Were you remarkable in the various roles you had in your career?
Did you commit to go “all in” while pursuing those opportunities you were given?
Do you look back at your career satisfied by your efforts, or do you feel regret for opportunities under-delivered?
Did you do what you really wanted to do in your career, or did you go with the flow, never tapping into your passions?

Think now about your spouse. These questions may become more difficult to answer.

What was your relationship like with your spouse?
Was your relationship everything you hoped it would be?
Did you invest emotionally in them, always building them up and expressing your love or did you find yourself being critical of their weaknesses and regularly finding fault?
Are you more in love with your spouse now than ever before?

Now turn your thoughts towards your children.

When they were growing up, did you know their dreams, their fears, their hearts?
Did you treat them as gifts or as an inconvenience?
Did you build their confidence and esteem, or did you find fault and reason to be critical?
What was your influence on your children? What is your favorite memory with your children?

As you look back over your life, what was the theme of your life? Did you live your passion? Did you live your vision?

Are you happy with your answers?

If you’re not entirely happy with your answers, the great news is you are not at the end of your life! You still have time to create the life that you really want. You can do anything you want, you can be anything that you want to be!

I will forever be thankful for the experience I had when I originally went through this exercise with Brian.

To learn more about 12 Week Year please visit www.12weekyear.com.


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