Recently, I was asked two piercing questions: “what is it that motivates me?” and “what am I most afraid of?” After some reflection, I realized that the answer to both questions is the same. 

A core belief of mine is that we are all temporary stewards of the resources we have been entrusted —our financial resources, our time, our individual talents and unique abilities. Each day I wake up is a gift. The question is, how am I going to use that gift? I want to be a careful steward of all the resources that have been entrusted to me. I see every dollar I earn as an opportunity to do good, by investing in people and projects, by helping others, or simply by providing for my family and making memories with those I care about most. I want to make the most out of my every waking second as a father, as a husband, as a businessman, a friend, and as a member of my family, community, nation, and world.

 My greatest fear is that I will reach my final hour on earth with regret, regret for not having given everything I had to accomplish what I was supposed to.  I realize that we will all have things that we wish we would have done differently, but the one thing I know we can control is our effort.  We can always do our best.  That’s what I strive for, and I never want to look back and see a time that I didn’t give it everything I had.

So, there you have it. My greatest fear and my greatest motivation are two sides of the same coin; I want to do my best for others.

A final thought on this topic is that we have all been blessed by the kindness and service of others towards us—other people doing their best.  Each of us have been elevated and carried by others using their gifts and talents for our betterment. My hope is that our efforts may be a reflection of our appreciation and gratitude towards each of them.


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