I heard this week the saying, “Someday leads to the town of nowhere.”

Every able-bodied adult in America has at some point in their life uttered the infamous word “someday.”

“Someday, I’ll take my spouse on that trip we’ve always wanted to go on.”

“Someday, I’ll get back into shape.”

“Someday, I’ll make amends with this person.”

“Someday, I’ll start that business I’ve always wanted to.”

Here’s the best news of the day I want to share with you: with every “someday” spoken, an equal opportunity for “today” is given!

One of my earliest and fondest memories of my childhood was watching as much baseball on TV as I could get my hands on. Growing up in Idaho in the 80’s and early 90’s didn’t afford a large selection of MLB baseball to watch. I’ll forever be thankful for TBS for airing every single Atlanta Braves game of the season. I quickly became a Braves fanatic.

From the beginning of my love affair with “America’s Team,” I dreamed of going to a playoff game to watch the Braves. I guess you could say that has been one of my “somedays.”

At the beginning of the season this year I committed to myself that if the Braves made it to the playoffs, I’d be there in person to cheer them on. Because I committed to this, it became a reality.

For the first time in my now 41-year-old life, I got to be a part of the playoff atmosphere I’d only witnessed on TV up until now. The experience was amazing, and I got to experience it with a good friend! I’ve been to several MLB games in my life but I’ve never quite experienced something of this magnitude in a baseball stadium. It truly was a dream come true.

From this experience, I’ve found myself asking the question, why did I wait so long to finally make this experience happen?

The answer is simple.

I never fully committed to making my “someday” a “today” until this year. The moment I did, the pieces came together.

This example may be immaterial to the bigger picture and the most important things in my life, but the lesson learned is not. I believe this lesson to be a law—a principle, a truth; our ability to achieve will be realized by our ability to fully commit to the task at hand. There’s no better day than today to get started.

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