The new year is here and with it comes the opportunity to reset, reevaluate, and recommit. January is truly one of the most influential months of the year because of the renewed energy it creates. During the month of January is when we are reintroduced to our good friend, Big Mo. He’s that loyal friend who shows up on our doorstep when we begin to take action towards realizing our potential. He’s the one who fuels the fire to do more and become what we all know we are capable of. That loyal friend I’m talking about is momentum.

There’s no doubt you’re already rolling with your 2021 goals and resolutions now that January is here. If you’re not off to a great start on the year already, the great news is—it’s still January! You have time!

Over the years I’ve had to learn the hard way what works and what doesn’t when it comes to setting and achieving goals and keeping Big Mo in my life. Here’s four principles I’d like to share that have helped me get Big Mo when a new year starts off and, most importantly, keep Big Mo throughout the entire year as I work towards achieving my goals.

  1. Get an Early Win – the LSU Tigers’ first game of their 2019 football season was against the Georgia Southern Eagles, a team they were guaranteed to beat. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like starting off your year with a W. Determine what you can achieve in the first week or month towards your long-term goal and make it happen. There’s no shame in scheduling a game with Georgia Southern!
  1. Keep It Simple – I learned this one from my neighbor. Every year a group of friends from the neighborhood get together for dinner and talk about our new goals for the year. Every year, Ashley has a very practical and simplified goal she sets. And guess what? Every year she achieves it!
  1. Write It on Your Mirror – There’s power in writing down our goals. There’s an even greater power when you write it on your bathroom mirror. Trust me on this one!
  1. Help Someone Else Achieve Their Goals – There is great satisfaction in achieving a goal for yourself. You will experience an even greater joy when you are the answer for someone else achieving their goals.

2021 has the makings of a very special year. Let’s make it count!


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