Life’s most precious lessons can come at the most unexpected times—like right after watching my eight-year-old son’s baseball game a few weekends ago.

The game was back and forth from the opening pitch, kids on both teams playing their hearts out. Emotions ran high as the game came down to a close play in the final inning. Unfortunately, my son’s team fell short.

A few minutes after the game ended, I found myself sitting in the stands upset at the loss and playing over in my head the different things the team could have done better. Feeling grumpy because of the outcome of the game and wondering how my son and his team would react, I looked up towards the infield only to find the entire team participating in an impromptu dance-off to an old Jackson 5 song. I saw a player full-on doing the worm on the pitcher’s mound while another player showcased a pretty sweet sprinkler move. The rest of the players were doing chest bumps and every other move only an eight-year-old could think of.

What popped into my head was a principle I’d read about not long before–the ever-famous “Rule Number 6.”

What is Rule Number 6, you might ask?

It’s simple: “don’t take yourself too damned seriously.”

Here’s to summer baseball, childhood, and all of us who sometimes finds ourselves caught up in the thickness of thin things. And here’s to good ol’ Rule Number 6.


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