I recently attended an awards banquet for the School of Accountancy at the Huntsman School of Business, where I was humbled to receive a humanitarian service award for my work on behalf of orphaned children who have Down syndrome.

I stood onstage while the organizers shared some very nice words about me, and I looked into the audience and saw Andrea, my sweetheart of nearly 16 years, smiling back at me. Thinking about the role she has played in my life and my work—the work I was being honored for—it was hard not to be emotional. She is my rock and a source of constant support and encouragement.

There have been multiple seasons of “heavy lifting” in my professional career, times when my heart, mind, and strength had to be laser-focused, times of intense work and sacrifice. A few examples come to mind: launching my career in financial services; starting RODS, our nonprofit; training for the Kona Ironman; and becoming the President of MassMutual Intermountain West. During each of these experiences, the one constant was Andrea’s unwavering support and her willingness to allow me to run as fast as I needed for as long as I needed in order to get the job done. She has never once complained about how much effort I needed to exert or how much time I had to spend away from home.

Another thing about Andrea I love is how grounded and down-to-earth she is and how good she is at helping me follow her example. Many times, I have come home after a monumental day—maybe we closed a big deal or broke some record—feeling pretty good about everything…and, well, the “non humble” Brady begins to emerge. Andrea knows how I am, so she takes one look at me, sees that I’m feeling on top of the world, and says something like, “That’s great honey, can you finish the dishes?”

I love this girl of mine!


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