Why do I love my career in the financial planning industry? I have no doubt that I could come up with 100 reasons why this profession simply rocks—but for now, I’ll stick with sharing just five of them with you.


1. The Client Relationship

The conversations we have with clients are deep and very meaningful. We aim to provide insights and direction, to help our clients realize their ultimate vision—but these conversations also lead to a special relationship between planner and client. Many of our client relationships will last decades, and some will span generations.


2. Working as a Team

Financial planning provides ample opportunity for planners to come together to work as a team with other planners, creating a synergistic relationship where 1 + 1 = 4. Combining forces with other successful planners adds a new level of expertise and a great sense of comradery and motivation. Think 1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team!


3. The Compensation

It’s no secret that doctors and dentists make a great income. It shouldn’t be a surprise that financial planners also draw the income you’d expect for true professionals. The unusual thing about financial planning is that you don’t just get paid for what you do this year, but for what you did in previous years too. Having a trail-based, or residual, income provides ample opportunity to do a lot of good in the world.


4. A Very Flexible Schedule

Financial planners literally have some of the most flexible schedules of any professional out there. Because the services we provide do not have the urgency of, say, medicine, we’re not on call and we can set our own hours. The work is hard and there is a lot of it, but if I want to organize my schedule so I can coach my child’s sports team or volunteer at their school, I can. This industry has also allowed my wife and I to build and run our own nonprofit. It’s given many of the planners in my office the opportunity to go on extended service missions for months, or even years. With the proper staff and systems in place, flexibility of scheduling is at our fingertips.


5. A Legacy to Pass On.

Many businesspeople dream of passing on their work to a son or daughter. After working so hard your entire life to build up your business, you want to give your children the opportunity for a solid and exciting career, if they want it. In financial planning, doing just that is easy because the practice is structured so that client relationships go on into perpetuity. Having the opportunity to select and mentor the next generation of the business is perhaps the most rewarding part of a career in financial planning.

Does this sound like a career you’d love, too? If so, let’s talk. Contact me and we’ll schedule a meeting with a member of my team.


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