I recently crested the top of the hill when I reached that magical mark—40 years of age. For the longest time I had thought being “over the hill” was a negative, but having reached over-the-hill status, I can say will all my heart the views ahead look great!

Milestone birthdays have always been a good time for reflection, so I took turning 40 as an opportunity to take inventory on where I am as a father, a husband, a friend, and a businessman. Here’s a few insights I’d like to share of the view from “over the hill.”

Stewardship – A core belief of mine is that we are all temporary stewards of the resources of our lives, and that someday we will be held accountable for what we did with these resources. These resources include our time and our talents as well as our financial resources.

I want to give back more. I know the good that can come from dedication to a cause bigger than oneself. I know that when we get outside of our own personal issues and interests, we see miracles. I’ve seen glimmers of this in my life, but I want to witness it more fully. I want service to become who I am and a part of my DNA.

Urgency—I feel a tremendous sense of urgency these days, especially in my business. There are many more mountains to climb and much good to be done. Time is finite, and there has never been a better time to truly roll up my sleeves and double down my efforts than right now.

I love the financial services industry. I love introducing individuals to the career of financial planning—and I love seeing seasoned veterans in the industry reach new levels of success. I love sharing truth and light with others about timeless economic principles that are all but forgotten in our country today.

Now is the time for me to work like most people won’t. Now is the time to reach the potential that I have dreamed about since my childhood.

The One – Since my early 20’s I have had a desire to have a positive influence on as many people as I could. I dreamed about public speaking opportunities where I could influence entire audiences for the good, I hoped to pen an article that reached tens of thousands if not millions of readers and helped them achieve their optimal potential. I will take any and every opportunity I can to do just that, but I believe the most good I can do will not be to the masses but will be done with the individual. It will be my time spent with the one where the most good can be achieved.

It’s time spent with my child in the backyard playing catch on a warm summer’s evening. It’s the moment with my friend who I will buoy up when life’s challenges become all too real. It’s the day-to-day joy with my one and only love of my life and the way I will dedicate my life to her happiness and to our marriage. It’s the effort of encouraging and mentoring a colleague who despite their best efforts can’t seem to find the success they are dreaming of.

Looking over the hill, I now realize that my journey has really just begun, that I still have much to learn and there is still a lot of good that can be accomplished. I’m so thankful for the first 40, but I can’t wait to see what the next 60 bring!


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