I’ve received some great advice over the years on many topics, from business, to my life as a father and husband. I’m grateful for all of it. But the best advice I ever got was relevant to all aspects of my life at once.

On that special evening, I was a guest at a banquet honoring Jon Huntsman Sr. for his many great contributions of time, expertise, and money to Utah State University.

One can learn a lot from a great speaker, and Mr. Huntsman’s talk was riveting for many reasons.  However, at one point he said something I will never forget. He looked at each of us in the audience and, in a very direct way, said:

“We are all temporary stewards of the resources we have been entrusted and someday we will be held accountable for what we did with those resources.”

I will always remember how I felt, hearing that. I knew he was not only referring to financial resources, but also to our time, our talents, our health, essentially everything we have. A sense of urgency came over me—he was right! His use of the word “temporary” is what got me. As we have all witnessed throughout our life, everything with which we hold dear and valuable can be gone in an instant.

After this experience, I’ve strived to wake up each day with a sense of gratitude for everything that has been entrusted to me. I appreciate a healthy body and mind more than I ever did. I don’t see the financial means that are in my possession as mine at all, but more as a resource that should be used to create value for others.

It’s also my strong belief that we all possess unique talents and abilities that we can use for the betterment of others, if we are willing to do so.

Last but definitely not least, I see time as my most precious resource. Giving our time is maybe the best way to pay it forward and do the most good. This includes time with family, time with friends, and time with a coworker who may need a word of encouragement or a shoulder to cry on.

I’m thankful I was able to attend the event where Mr. Huntsman spoke. I am grateful that Mr. Huntsman is a living example of his own advice; it is absolutely because he was willing to give of his time and talents that I was able to experience what I did that evening on the campus of my Alma Mater, Utah State University.