I am often asked what advice I have for a newly appointed financial professional. I always say: “deliver on the promise.”

As financial professionals, we pride ourselves on being there for our clients when they need us most. We are often among the first to be called in a crisis, or when a major life event or crisis takes place. I’ll never forget the phone call I received from one of my clients who had just lost a child. It is a constant reminder that the work we do as financial professionals truly makes a difference.

Whether it’s planning for income in retirement, a sophisticated estate planning case, or simple insurance planning, we make a commitment to our clients that is perpetual and on-going. I cringe when potential clients tell me that they met with a planner once who sold them a product and then never called again. That is not delivering on the promise.

Delivering on the promise means doing what we committed to do, being there for our clients when they need us most. It’s holding regular reviews and following up regularly to help make sure all expectations are being met. It’s also being a friend and confidant for our clients. Oftentimes, I find clients share things with me that they don’t even share with their children–their hopes and dreams as well as their fears and desires for their legacy. We play a major part in helping them to realize this legacy.