A good athlete understands that their head coach is just that–the head coach, the person in charge. They understand the importance of being a team player, and part of that means following their leader’s directions.

It’s no coincidence that I find that the successful financial professionals in our organization are also the ones who believe in our system and follow our directions. Good performers in any field are the ones who trust their leaders to hold them accountable.

But how about the greats? The great athletes, the great financial professionals? Those who say “good” isn’t good enough? Do they allow others to hold them accountable?

No, they don’t allow it—they demand it.

I recently read a book, “Relentless: From Good, to Great, to Unstoppable” by Tim S. Grover. Tim has been the personal trainer to some of the best professional athletes of our time, including Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade, and Tracy McGrady. What struck me while reading this book was that these athletes were at the top of their game when they hired Tim. They had already won the championship, been chosen as the NBA Finals MVP, or made captain of their team. So why did they seek out Tim’s services if they’ve already summited the mountain? If they’re already very good?

The answer is that these are great performers who understand that the only way they are going to reach the pinnacle of their potential is if they surround themselves with those who will push them to become better still—someone who will absolutely hold them accountable.

So, the question I have for you is are you satisfied with being good enough? Or do you have an inner desire to climb even higher?

If you want to be great, ask yourself if you are still humble and coachable enough to accept direction? Or do you think you’ve already arrived and don’t need a personal coach?

Being honest with ourselves about our current egos is the first step. Seeking out world-class performance coaches and being willing to step up and pay the price (and the fees) is the second step to greatness.

Most of the professional world is filled with individuals who have experienced some level of success but have allowed themselves to become too prideful to let someone push them to higher achievement.

To truly achieve greatness in your chosen profession, you must seek out those who can take you to another level and you must follow their counsel to the letter. As a follow-up, we’re going to soon write about the people already doing exactly that.